Jenny Newland

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beforeafter-jennyHi Abbey,

How are you? I pray that you and your family are well. I thank God for you everyday and I just wanted to let you know that my life has been blessed by attending your clinic last February. I have been exercising in the heated pool in town and stretching and I have made a lot of progress. I wanted to share my photos with you because you helped me make it this far.

Look no hands…I’ve been able to support my head without the use of my hands for nearly four weeks now. I can do most things with both hands now including typing, painting, and eating.  As you can see I still wear my Nikken magnetic collar everyday and the epson salt baths help when I feel tired out. I give God all the glory in every step I have taken to get this far, God is so good to me. I still have small spasms here and there, and I have stiffness in the mornings, but usually I feel much better after I stretch and massage. It truly is a miracle that my head came up and my neck muscles are remembering what they need to do. Thank you so much for what you do, it truly blessed my life.

Warm Regards,
Jenny A Newland

I've found your web site the most helpful of them all. The way it's written really has helped me. Kristi, New Zealand