Vera Dawson

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Dear Howard,

I guess you thought I had dropped off the face of the earth. My treatments from my Brain Stem chiropractor started popping out after having remarkable results from the treatments. I was in a dilemma as to where to turn. Finally, I contacted Dr. Arce about whether he thought he could help me. I had sent a video once before and he indicated he thought he could give me relief so it was not a new thought.

As my chiropractor was so close to us and I had had such good results I postponed any other further treatments if he was able to continue helping me. The change seemed to puzzle him as it did me because everything was really helping me.

I finally decided on the Selective Denervation Surgery and had it done last July 17, 2002. The day following surgery my pain and pulling was all but gone. It was an incredible change. Dr. Arce explained that I would experience pain from the surgery, but it was minimal compared to what I had endured from the ST. He said it would take approximately 6 months for complete healing and getting muscle strength back. That was about right, though I am still feeling some improvement in strength. I have been sewing, reading books, doing needlework, yard and garden work, playing the organ and piano occasionally for church. All of these had been difficult except after relief from the Brain Stem chiropractic treatments. I find my energy level is increasing.

The surgery has been a very miraculous happening for me. I would certainly recommend it for anyone who has the type that can be helped. Don’t put it off too long.

I didn’t write sooner because I wanted to see it through and see if it stayed as good as it seemed to be in the beginning. I felt so much better than I had for years that we did some traveling early that I probably shouldn’t have. I forgot that it takes a while to recover from surgery. I walked through the Atlanta Airport on our way home from Jacksonville 6 days after my surgery–I did feel so much better!!

In the past I tried the things that gave me temporary help – Botox, Chiropractics, Meds and I would probably try those things again as they are less invasive. But without a doubt I would have the surgery again. It has been a true miracle for me. Dr. Arce’s compassion and expertise made it easier. He is totally dedicated to his patients and relieving the suffering from ST.

Vera Dawson

My mom and I wanted to thank you for hosting such a great symposium this year. This was our third year and we are looking forward to next years. E. Mathews