The Well-Tempered Kitchen with Kathy Beard

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Since being diagnosed with Cervical Dystonia in 2007 I have been exposed to many different treatment recommendations. Doctors, relatives, friends offer tips for pain relief, muscle relaxation, medical, holistic and combinations in between. It can be overwhelming discerning which method to use to get relief from the symptoms of CD.

In like manner, selecting what to eat, the optimal diet for myself and family can be quite varied and complex. The media and medical community proffer wide and varied recommendations which change with time. The basic four food groups square changed to a pyramid which I think has now morphed into a circle. There are vegetarian, vegan, paleo, lactose-free, gluten-free diets accompanied with options of free-range, organic, local, seasonal. Which to choose? What is best? These options can make my head spin and tilt even more than it already is!

Over these past six years as I have settled into a dystonia treatment regimen that lets me stay active I have similarly developed a nutritional plan that works within my budget, my skills and my time. I have taken a “pinch” of some ideas and a “dollop” of others to create my own version. In this column I want to share with you some of these ingredients I use in my effort to achieve “The Well Tempered Kitchen…”


This will be exciting…stay tuned for more to come!

My mom and I wanted to thank you for hosting such a great symposium this year. This was our third year and we are looking forward to next years. E. Mathews