Harriett L. Smith – Nutrition and S.T

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Nutrition and S.T

Our bodies are wonderful machines with an amazing power of repair – IF we give them a chance! We have billions of cells dying every minute, and protein, vitamins, and minerals are needed for replacement cells. These nutrients are not in soda pop, Twinkies and other “non-food” and junk food. In fact, every time we consume anything our bodies do not recognize as food, our liver and kidneys go into overtime trying to eliminate substances they perceive as toxins.

Ninety-five percent of our health problems can be related to toxicity. We are being deluged from our environment. Do you ride in cars? How do we avoid carbon monoxide for example? Some of our communities have more pollution than others, but we can’t avoid this attack on our health. We also ingest pollution in our food from chemical additives, colorings, flavorings, sweeteners and preservatives.


1. Make good choices. Look for the most natural food and clean water that we can find. Start with a detoxification program. There is a great variety of methods available now through health food stores and health practitioners using herbs, bulk from fibers and natural vitamins that contain anti-oxidants.

2. Drink plenty of good water to flush toxins through the kidneys to assist the organs to be “juicy instead of dried up prunes”.

3. Exercise everyday to enable oxygen to reach every cell. Learn the best exercises for ST’rs and avoid those that are not productive.

4. Include fiber in food for regularity. Cancer of the colon is passing lung cancer in our country. Good elimination is essential for muscle strength. If the loaf of bread will squish when you press on the sides, leave it on the shelf and look for the whole grains. Pass up the sugared, highly processed doughnuts in favor of fruit and veggie snacks. You’ll have more energy because the highly processed foods give us a boost of energy that shortly lets us down. Fiber, too, fills us up so that we don’t get hungry, and it helps us balance our weight.

5. Include some raw food every day for enzymes. They aid in digestion and burn calories. Food cooked above body temperature won’t provide enzymes. Life begets life!

6. Evaluate the difference between real and “non-food” – empty calories. These do not provide a return for the price paid. Refined sugar contains no vitamins or minerals so necessary for metabolism, and robs them from our bodies. Most of our flour has as many as forty vitamins and minerals removed, and three or four made in a test tube are added so that it can be called “enriched”. Actually, we have been robbed of the B vitamins that help us to withstand stress! Select whole grains, and, after a while you will have no more taste for the highly refined foods. It is a blessing that our tastes will change. Eliminate refined sugar for a week, and you will most likely feel nauseated if you try to eat something as sweet as a candy bar. Our bodies rebel in much the same way as when a smoker has stopped smoking and then starts again. Refined sugar is particularly offensive to ST’rs; some report less stress on muscles when it is eliminated form the diet. Wine contains high levels of sugar. Red wine is also a muscle inflammatory. Calcium, magnesium and other minerals are essential for muscle relaxation. The more sugar we take in, the more minerals are required. Soft drinks are a particular problem because they upset the calcium, magnesium and phosphorous balance. The ingestion of sugar, nicotine, alcohol, chocolate, caffeine and drugs, plus leading a stressful life all take away vitamins and minerals that are so essential to good health. These can exacerbate the symptoms of ST by interfering with your neuro-transmission mechanics.

7. Look for the organically grown vegetables and fruit. Pesticides are people poisons. Remember, your neck and back muscles are part of your body and absorb toxins, so first detox the muscles, and then avoid re-toxifying your system. My husband says if we keep putting kerosene in the engine with the gasoline, eventually the engine quits. Our engines can quit too. So can our muscles!

8. It pays to supplement while we are restoring health. Locate a food based supplement that gives complete nutrition including trace minerals. Sometimes our problem is a lack of just minute amounts of some minerals. Use lots of green foods and green supplements for chlorophyll, which builds the blood stream. We should not take better care of our automobiles than we do of our health.

9. Vitamin E is essential for muscle strength. The E was removed from our grains to give it shelf life. E is found in the whole grains, but if you supplement, be sure to ask for a natural source from the germ of the grain. Look for the D-alpha or natural Vitamin E, not the DL-alpha variety. The natural is more expensive, but Vitamin E is known as the “granddaddy of all vitamins” because it makes all the others work more efficiently.

10. So what is the program for ST’rs? There is no magic pill. Amazingly, the same basic nutritional principles help ST’rs that benefit any other health problem!

11. Which food expert can we believe? There is so much conflicting information available, that we don’t know what to choose. We have been reminding you of much that you already know but may not be applying. Now, just put together what makes sense to you.

12. How much time does it take to see improvement? That will vary according to the individual, but three to four months are needed to change body cells. It takes time and commitment to give the body the chance it needs.

We are what we think

Believe wellness

Think wellness

Speak wellness.

It is working for others, and it can work for you. We don’t have to be the victims of modern society.


Harriett L. Smith

Past Nutritional Consultant for the Spasmodic Torticollis Recovery Clinic, Inc.

My mom and I wanted to thank you for hosting such a great symposium this year. This was our third year and we are looking forward to next years. E. Mathews