Welcome to Activa® (Deep Brain Stimulation – DBS)

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Activa Therapy from Medtronic is one of the most significant and innovative advances in the treatment of neurological movement disorders in decades. The treatment uses a surgically implanted medical device, similar to a cardiac pacemaker, to deliver carefully controlled electrical stimulation to precisely targeted areas within the brain.
The Activa System
The Activa System consists of three inplanted components:
Lead: The lead consists of four thin coiled insulated wires with four electrodes at the lead tip. The lead tip is implanted in the brain.
Extension: The lead is connected to an extension, consisting of four insulated coiled wires; the extension is threaded under the skin from the head, down the neck and into the upper chest.
Neurostimulator: The extension is connected to a neurostimulator, a small, sealed device similar to a cardiac pacemaker that contains a battery and electronics. The neurostimulator is implanted beneath the skin in the chest below the collarbone. Sometimes called a “brain pacemaker,” it produces the electrical pulses needed for stimulation. These electrical pulses are delivered through the extension and through the lead to the targeted areas in the brain. These pulses can be adjusted noninvasively by a clinician with the programmer, which uses radio telemetry to check or change the neurostimulator’s settings.
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We feel it’s our obligation to acquaint you with this rather new and exciting procedure and doing it this way will give you a true panoramic view of what may await you. Please realize we cannot take any kind of stand on this procedure as that is your decision. Of prime importance, as you will read, would be the selection of a very good neurological team as well as its proximity to you. We hope you find this interesting and informative. Please let us know.

My mom and I wanted to thank you for hosting such a great symposium this year. This was our third year and we are looking forward to next years. E. Mathews