Avoidable Causes of DBS Failure

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With the approval of “WE MOVE”, an informational web site for movement disorders, you will find some very, very important excerpts from an article of theirs, “Avoidable Causes of DBS Failure”, dated 11/17/05. In that article 41 patients who had the DBS operation were evaluated.all of the patients were having problems with DBS for PD (Parkinson’s Disease), ET or Dystonia.what were the results?

The most important factor was proper patient selection.in 32 of the 41 patients, the specialists agreed with the diagnosis made before the operation. In 9 patients, the diagnosis was changed. In 5 patients a condition was diagnosed that would not have been expected to benefit from the DBS.

Thirty patients had seen a movement disorder specialist before the operation.14 had neuropsychological testing beforehand.5 patients did not take the current medicine prior.5 had cognitive impairment before.19 of the 41 had the DBS leads in the wrong place”.subsequently after the leads were replaced, 7 patients had marked improvement, 3 others had partial improvement, 3 had problems with the batteries in the stimulator, 2 had infections and 1 had a broken lead”.” Further, “.7 patients had no access to programming for their stimulators – 2 because they moved and 2 because their doctors moved. Eight more had had their operations at centers far from their homes.in 15 patients programming appeared to be inadequate.” And finally.”After being treated by specialists at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City and/or University of Florida, 21 of the original 41 patients previously determined to have “failed”, had good outcomes and another 6 had modest improvements.”. If you plan on having the DBS operation please keep all these points in mind plus go to our web site at www.spasmodictorticollis.org in our treatment center portion for other pertinent information. This was an exceptional article and thanks once again to WE MOVE.

My mom and I wanted to thank you for hosting such a great symposium this year. This was our third year and we are looking forward to next years. E. Mathews