The Importance of Member Articles

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Written by Executive Director Howard Thiel in the April 2017 In Perspective article

This is a very difficult article to write but I need to do it and hope your response is overwhelming.  Throughout this past year we have inserted in each issue “ads” asking for articles for this magazine.  The response to those have been very minimal and it goes without saying that we, right now, after this issue, don’t have any articles featuring personal stories nor do we have any articles featuring research nor do we have any articles that we can “steal” or print with permission from other sources.

In fact, we have nothing for the future.  We will try to “dig” up information we can print as we have been doing but can’t guarantee what we’ll find.  A lot depends upon you. There are 2 competitors of ours who have the same problems and who have cut way down on their pages printed and their number of times they publish each year.  Both are publishing just 3 times in a year.

Our magazine has always been our pride and joy and our one big link to making a person feel:


Help us to keep going.  We all, even though we may not feel it, have SPASMODIC TORTICOLLIS.  It doesn’t go away.  We need continued research to defeat it.  Without associations and its force of memberships researchers will turn away and pursue other areas where there is money to do it – areas such as Parkinson’s or MS or Muscular Dystrophy or the many other movement disorders.  Do we want that?  Do we want to see symposiums disappear?  Especially now that we are getting acquainted with Neuroplasticity?  I know I don’t.  I believe we’ve made some real gains over the past 20 years, gains that show so much
future for us.

HELP us won’t you?  Send in your articles; your stories.  If you believe your story is a good one but you feel inadequate writing it, send in what you can – we’ll edit it for you.  Remember those 4 important words:


Please keep in mind that your article could save the life or dramatically improve the life of a fellow ST’r. The point of our magazine is to help each other out. When we provide many articles, featuring different circumstances, the better the chance we have of
helping the many rather than the few.

    Meanwhile, remember, each and every day…THINK POSITIVE…smile…and laugh…a lot.

I've found your web site the most helpful of them all. The way it's written really has helped me. Kristi, New Zealand