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Hi everyone, and welcome to ST/Dystonia!

C’mon along and join us won’t you?…on our Journey of Hope. Hope that’s so important in helping you to become yourself again. It can be done.

ST/Dystonia was incorporated in 1989, became a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization in 1990 and has been dedicated to helping people with Spasmodic Torticollis (ST) ever since. On you’ll find the testimonials of others who have been helped, we’ll list the many benefits made available to you and you can access an incredible Treatments section with tons of articles sharing the major treatments available, doctor and patient opinions on various treatments, an avoidable medications list for people with spasmodic torticollis and much more. Just a few years ago not much was available. The advances have been fairly dramatic, however, in what can help you today. It’s no longer just oral meds. There is now botox, myobloc, the Selective Denervation Surgery and the Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) operation. We’re here to share information on these various treatments based on ST patient experience and expert doctor analysis.

Based on a prevalence study we sponsored awhile ago, the number of people afflicted with spasmodic torticollis could equal, or surpass, that of Parkinson’s disease. The significance of growing our membership will mean more and more research will be done, more of the public will become acquainted with us, the media, politicians and doctors will be forced to become better educated on ST and, hopefully, the misdiagnosis of patients will be cut way down.

But, we need your help! Any association is only as good as its membership. The more members we have, the more of a voice we will be given to promote the cause of Spasmodic Torticollis as well as all of the other dystonias. Having the results of a prevalence study will not do anybody any good unless there are people/entities who are out there promoting them. We intend to do just that.

Your membership for only pennies a day will help us to continue to promote Spasmodic Torticollis to the masses. And, please remember, when you join today to become a member, that means we can continue to help YOU and thousands of other ST’rs who are suffering.

Help us, won’t you? Please enjoy our site and consider joining us in the fight against ST. That’s all there is to it. By joining or donating you will be helping not only yourself, but thousands and thousands of others that have this insidious disorder.

Thank you!

I've found your web site the most helpful of them all. The way it's written really has helped me. Kristi, New Zealand