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icon-neuroplasticityDr. Hogan Discusses the Basis for Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity and positive thought is a very hot topic these days…especially now that Dr. Farias has committed to speak at our symposium. Check out this article where Dr. Hogan spells out the benefits of this concept and how it ties into several opinions he’s been sharing for years.
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icon-footeI Was In Denial

Stacey Foote, like many of us, experienced a long journey toward exceptance. Read about how dystonia can be triggered by physical and emotional trauma, her thoughts on why people who feel better still attend the symposium and how she thought “you are not alone” was cliche’ until she attended the San Antonio symposium herself.
Click here to read Stacey’s story.

omalleyI Had DBS Surgery and Haven’t Looked Back

Sandy O’Malley was first published in our magazine back in 2008. She’s back with an article sharing her account of the DBS Surgery, how yoga greatly improved her active lifestyle and how her battery changes make her feel better and better. Click here for Sandy’s article.

icon-dillonWell Worth the Wait

We love sharing success stories of our members. Enjoy reading about this Before and After account of Ann Dillon. She reveals photos showing her change from 2005 to 2015. Her husband even gets into the act and shares a few paragraphs himself. Click here to read more about the Dillons.

icon-auberleDiffusion Tensor Imaging

Very rarely in medicine or science there comes along a breakthrough in technology that can change the way we think about the universe. Dr. Auberle discusses how new MRI technology is potentially changing the world. Click here to learn more.


icon-chattanooga-train2016 Symposium Will be Held in Chattanooga

Home of the “Chattanooga Choo Choo”, a famous song from waaaaaaay back in the 20th century which put Chattanooga, TN on the map. You’ll hear a lot of it while you’re in Chattanooga…and we hope you plan on attending our next symposium. Click here to get hotel information.

icon-redvest20162016 Golf Fundraiser Under Way

The Red Vest Golf Outing 2015 was a another great success thanks to you! Now we’re planning our next fun outing. As usual there’ll be good times, great food and exciting auction items. One change…the 2016 golf outing will be held back at scenic Rolling Hills Golf Club, an 18-hole championship course featuring spectacular views, meticulously maintained conditions, and unique challenges for experienced players and novices alike. Click here for details.

10 Reasons to Join ST Dystonia

icon-10reasons How Does Joining ST Dystonia Make ST’rs Stronger?

Check out our 10 Reasons to join ST Dystonia. You may be surprised at how being part of an organization truly helps you and your fellow ST’rs. A strong association will push and engage pharmaceutical firms to develop treatment programs which will help YOU, the person with dystonia. Click here to learn more.

What Is Spasmodic Torticollis?

Spasmodic Torticollis (Cervical Dystonia) is a neurological disorder affecting the muscles of the neck which cause the head to be pulled either sideways, downwards or backwards. Pain is frequent and severe. Click here for more information.

Our Philosophy...You Are Not Alone!

There are plenty of ST’rs out there who need help. ST Dystonia was founded on the premise to be there for our members…like one big family. We’re about the positive and want to mix this site up with education, fun, humor, treatments, trivia and whatever comes to our/your mind. We’re wide open to listening and please remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Click here to read about our early days.


I got the magazine today, some really good articles in it. S Caruso

YOU ARE NOT ALONE sounded so cliche, but once at the symposium it felt great. S. Foote

Thank you for all you do. I find the magazine to be so supportive and interesting that I read it from cover to cover as soon as I receive it. B. Thompson

I am very thankful for this organization and for Abbie’s clinic. I can only imagine where I would be without them. Probably lost in a benzo induced fog of despair. So what you are doing really has made a difference. A. Tripp

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